Customer testimonials

“I would definitely recommend buying a home in Lowfield. It is a great place to live. The green space makes for a nice central area where my grandchildren can play. Plus, I feel very settled in my new home, my family is in love with the great quality of the finish."
Stewart Pound, Lowfield Green resident
“I absolutely love my bungalow: the design, the garden, it’s just perfect. I am so glad I moved here. We are all new on the site, so I’ve got to know lots of people. We use the green spaces to meet up and I also take my grandchildren out for a walk there."
Cath Harrison, Lowfield Green resident
“Lowfield is so much quieter from where we used to live in Acomb. And we’re in the right place with bus stops, banks and shops just around the corner. I don’t need to go to York at all."
Val Roffe, Lowfield Green resident
“An open plan makes you feel like everything is flowing because of the light that comes in through our massive patio doors. It brightens the rooms and it cheers you up too."
Steve Dawson, Lowfield Green Resident
“The ethos of the project definitely drew us in, we like the idea of a mixed community. And because of our lounge we get to watch the kids playing on the green, grandchildren visiting their grandparents – it’s such a lively community feel."
Lisa Burton, Lowfield Green Residents